Rapt AWE! The spark that ingites the fire and engages others

Chery —  November 1, 2013 — 5 Comments

October was a tough month.

  • I came down with a bad cold/flu and was sick for two weeks.  During which time I spent way too much time watching news about the brokenness of the government in the country I love and call home.
  • I also spent too much time thinking about the fact that I’ve been in this new land six months and wondering “now what?”
  • (Note to self and to the world – it is never a good idea to do a lot of reflection when you are sick, tired, and run-down!)

As soon as I felt well enough to get out of the house I said yes to everyone I had been saying no to while I was sick.  And although I was thrilled to see them, I tried to do too much too soon.

iStock_000019482062XSmallThe good news is that October ended better than it started.

  • A book that we read for book club fueled deep reflection, a passionate debate and further dialog.
  • As soon as the posts on fear went live on Monday I felt lighter.
  • I spent this week doing a variety of things that challenged and fueled my heart, my soul, and my mind.

And I came home today feeling so thankful.  As always, I turned on the music that would reflect my heart and speak to me.  And then sat down to write.  As I looked through interviews I’ve done and thoughts I’ve been noting, I stumbled across this quote from Einstein.

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.

Instantly I was transported to the moments I am in awe…

  • Every single time I am around giant sea creatures like dolphins and whales.  …Every cell in my body giggles!  (Marble Slab ice cream has the same effect on me!)
  • When I think of how I’ve met or re-connected with some of the significant people in my life.  (There are so many unusual stories that none of us doubt that we are supposed to be in each other’s lives.)
  • When the seasons change and the air is crisp, the sun is warm and the breeze is fresh.
  • When I play hide and seek with our dog and get to watch him search for me with his heart before he remembers to use his brain.
  • When I learned how to forgive and experienced the peace that came by offering someone else the same grace I’ve been given.
  • EVERY time that I’ve interacted with people that received career training from Goodwill.  (Visiting there is like plugging into an electrical outlet.  I always leave filled with energy, vision and hope.)
  • When I saw The Broadway Musical The Lion King.  (My cells were singing and dancing!)
  • When I started meeting expat wives.  Their confidence, their ability to balance assertiveness and patience, and their willingness to serve each other…  Still blows me away!
  • When I interviewed my neighbor about being evacuated from Libya and heard about all that the French Government did for them.  I was in AWE of the leadership that coordinated those efforts.
  • When I watch a group of individuals become a team, and again when they begin to experience real synergy for the first time.
  • When I meet with a titled leader that gets “it” and leads with heart, with wisdom and with integrity.
  • When I meet with a titled leader that wants to get “it” at a higher level and is willing to invest in themselves and in their people.
  • When I learn that something I shared with someone years ago still helps them today.  (Many times that wisdom came from someone else and I’m just passing it on!)
  • When I think about anyone in history that has ever risked their lives for someone else or for a cause that is bigger than they are.
  • When I spend time with people that think differently than I do and there is an openness that allows both of us to share our perspectives with passion, and conviction but without judgment.

Rapt Awe

I have a friend that leads a team in a very high-stress field.  She is known for being kind of crazy and dancing through the office.  People are in awe of her ability to bring joy to that industry, they are amazed at the impact it has made on her team and at how it is igniting the entire office.

It only takes a spark to get a fire going… According to Einstein rapt awe is the opposite of dead.  I define rapt awe as thankfulness amped up.  Rapt awe is the spark that ignites the tired, the struggling, the worn out, and the nearly dead individuals and organizations.  It’s a reminder of the everyday blessings we take for granted, it’s energy, it’s hope…  Be the spark that gets the fire going!

Your Turn!  iStock_000009905754XSmallPLEASE SHARE!  What fills you with rapt awe?

  • What makes your cells dance and giggle?
  • What makes you feel like your heart is going to burst?
  • Have you intentionally paused to savor that moment?
  • Or to say thanks?
  • Have you shared the source of your awe?

It is a powerful way to engage others, to spread joy, to share hope, and to make a difference.


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5 responses to Rapt AWE! The spark that ingites the fire and engages others

  1. What a beautiful post, Chery! I am truly inspired by you and your ability to be an expat and learn about another culture so profoundly!

    First of all, I am happy to hear that you are feeling better and I pray it stays that way!

    Counting our blessings and looking inwards for the good, can empower us with great answers and new ways to propel ourselves forward. Thank you for sharing and keep writing about all your feelings and experiences. I love reading about them!


    • Thank you so much Terri! I read something several years ago that caused me to come to the conclusion that the root cause of darkness in ourselves and in our world is a lack of thankfulness. So when I discovered this rapt awe post by Einstein it resonated loudly!

      Your comments about the expat experience are very helpful, I want to share the adventure and the learning’s but don’t want to put anyone to sleep! :)

  2. Hey Chery! Sick for two weeks Yikes and your only choice was to watch the news OMG How Terrible! The news these days is enough to make you sick!! I just had to come and check you out once you found me on Twitter!

    Great Post! Looking forward to learning more about and from you.. Chery :))

    • Chery – It is so much fun to know another Chery! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Yes – watching the news is a good way to get sick! …Perhaps that is why it took so long to get well!!!

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