Thinking at a Higher Level: Develops Leaders who Lead at a Higher Level

I recently spoke to a group of people and shared information that challenged their thinking and their behavior. Afterwards several people approached with questions and comments.

One woman had received the message and wanted help in taking the next step.

Another woman expressed her gratitude for the message.  She admitted that she had always struggled in one particular area – but until today, she hadn’t realized it. Now she was actively processing the new information and beginning to visualize what a change in her behavior would look like.

Then a man stepped forward that was actively rejecting the message. Repeatedly he emphasized that others needed to change. Not him!  Just them!

He was unwilling and therefore unable to see that:

  • His thinking is stuck in a cycle of blaming others.
  • By not being willing to consider other perspectives, he’s not solving any problems.  He’s simply waiting for others to solve problems.
  • Change will always begin inside the only person he will ever control – himself.
  • Being willing to understand people and issues at a higher level will grow his knowledge, problem solving ability, and influence.

How willing are you – to learn how to think differently?

Do you…

  • Admit that you can’t possibly know it all?
  • Consider that the information you have – might be incomplete or incorrect?
  • Listen intently to the knowledge and experiences of others?
  • Consider the perspectives of those you are tempted to dismiss and discredit?
  • Think logically?
  • Analyze historical data?
  • Adjust your decisions and your behavior, as more complete information is uncovered?

When you do:

  • Trust increases
  • Loyalty rises
  • Energy flows
  • Creativity soars
  • Growth multiplies

The people you lead will do what they see you do – And their thinking and actions will impact your results.

How’s that going for you?

If you want help learning how to listen, think and lead at higher level:

  1. Check out this article.
  2. Contact Chery to learn more about workshop and coaching options.

Chery Gegelman Keynotes and Workshops

President, Giana Consulting

Chery believes that:
• Anyone can be a leader.
• Everyone knows something that the rest of us don’t.
• We all need to leave our workplaces, communities, nation and world – better than we found them.

Those beliefs caused her to instigate change from every position she ever had and continually provided opportunities to lead system-wide change from the middle and the edge of organizations.

Her faith and my firm belief that leaders need to walk their talk were the reasons she agreed to move to a part of the world that she once feared. As an expat she embraced daily opportunities to meet and learn from people that represent the nations in our world.

Today Chery is The Founder of Giana Consulting, listed as a Great Leadership Speaker by Inc., writes a recognized leadership blog and has co-authored two leadership books.

She leverages true leadership stories and expat experiences to inform, inspire and emphasize life skills that cause her clients to be more energized and productive.

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