Required to do MORE with less?

Doing MORE with Less

As a titled leader have you ever been in a situation where:

  • Your objectives were INCREASING
  • The volume of customers were INCREASING
  • The demands on your team were INCREASING
  • …And the effectiveness and efficiency of your tools were decreasing?

Was it possible to do MORE with less?

How did you navigate the changes?

Were you and your team at risk of burning out?

Did you struggle with victim thoughts?

Did you communicate your need for better tools or more help?

Did you give up?  …Or did you get creative?

How did it turn out?

What advice would you offer others?

If you are facing that situation now – I’ve been there. Here’s what we did…

Energize Your Leadership e book and paperbackIf an energy sapping challenge is weighing on you YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  This struggle is real all over our world.

For two years, I had the honor of working with 15 Dedicated Authors from different parts of our globe, to create a book that would offer real help and hope to anyone in the midst of those struggles.  A few months ago, Energize Your Leadership was released.

Each author is an experienced corporate professional, working mother and/or a small business owner that has dealt with things like this:

  • The increased use of technology that has you “plugged in” to work more often.
  • Economic changes that increasingly require you to produce more with less.
  • Stress caused by environment, health, and/or personal choices.
  • The struggle to be physically and mentally present and engaged at home while still producing at work.

And each one has survived those energy-depleting seasons and emerged softer, stronger, wiser and more energized. If you are in the midst of an energy-depleting season, don’t let your struggle overwhelm you.

Pick up your copy today and prepare to Energize Your Leadership.

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Your Organization: A Reflection of What YOU Create & Allow

Compare:  It's about me and mine to it's about ALL of us.

Several years ago I was asked to serve on a Board that was responsible for overseeing resources from the federal, state and local area.

To learn more, I did a lot of research and then decided to drive to the locations that provided those services.

I found the first location with no problem.

But when I followed my GPS to the second location. I found a police station. Then drove up and down the street and around in circles.

I tried to call but a recording made it impossible to reach a live person. …When I finally asked a police officer, he had no idea where the place was.

Eventually I drove down a little alley. Parked my car and walked into a building – that was right next door to the police station, with old lettering on it that read, “Community Center”. Inside a bunch of cubicles filled a large area that had at one time been used for community gatherings.

It was indeed the location I was looking for.

How to reject divisiveness and make people feel valued

Guest Post by Jane Perdue

The cost of division

TODAY is the International Day of Peace!

This is the 4th article in a series to highlight what each of us can do to bring more peace to our world.

  • The first three articles are linked at the bottom of this post.

I’m honored to include the post below from Jane Perdue, the CEO/Principal at Braithwaite Innovation Group, a friend and one of the co-author’s of the book, The Character-Based Leader…  Instigating A Leadership Revolution…  One Person at a Time.

Jane-Perdue-300x300I live in Charleston, South Carolina. In just a few days this past summer, my heart went from being broken by a senseless crime motivated by hate to being uplifted by people choosing to forgive, not fight or retaliate. Given my awe and respect at how my community handled this tragedy, Chery’s invitation to write about how leaders can limit division and create peace was incredibly serendipitous.

Retaliation and revenge are powerful motivators. We want to right the real or perceived wrong.

1 Way You Can Create a More Peaceful World (Really!)

International Day of Peace, Sept 21, 2015

Prejudice Quote

This is the second post leading up to the International Day of Peace on Sept 21.

The goal?

  • To share why real peace (not fake peace) matters to organizations, communities, and our world.
  • And to highlight specific behavior that anyone can do, wherever we are… To make a difference.

How many articles have you read lately where the headline and the image were shocking?

…But there’s a COMPLETE DISCONNECT between the article and the hooks that made your blood pressure rise?

Leadership and Peace Making

International Day of Peace Sept 21, 2015

See People for Who They Really Are

The International Day of Peace is Monday September 21.  And I’m so ready to talk about what we can do to heal our organizations, communities, nations and world – instead of continuing to feed the fires that divide us.

This is the first post in a series.

 Yes – Conflict is messy, painful and destructive!

  • When it appears in our personal lives, it is tempting to flee from it or to add to it.
  • When it appears on our televisions it’s easy to begin to believe that there is nothing we can do.

If current events across our world that emphasize fear, hate, violence, chaos, and division cause you to ache for others, worry or feel helpless…