How Are First Impressions Impacting Your Organization?

A few years ago my husband and I moved to a new city in a new state.

Bottom Line  Growing or not is your choice

Shortly after our move we began visiting churches. (In all of our other moves we visited one church and kept coming back.)

  • This time we decided that we wanted to know what all of our options were before we joined one.
  • And if we liked some of what we observed we attended more than once.

That decision quickly became a fascinating opportunity to observe towering strengths, glaring weaknesses, powerful vision, synergy or the lack of it – and a whole lot more!

Our observations apply to workplaces too!  

…Which one sounds like your organization?  

Executives: Do you have the courage to sit and listen?

Have you ever had someone that works for you ask you for a meeting? …Try to share a concern with you? …Or passionately try to share an idea?

Executives Do you have the courage to sit and listen?

How do you react when that happens?

 Have you ever considered that they are bringing you a gift?

  • The person that is coming has chosen to take a risk and invest in you and in the organization.
  • No matter what their title is – they have knowledge and experiences that you don’t have.
  • No matter what their role is – they see things in your organization that you don’t see.

~ Thank them for their courage.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. ~Winston Churchill

Energize Your Leadership Book

Energize Your Leadership (Charleston: CreateSpace, 2015)

NEW BOOK!  Energize Your Leadership!

(From 16 Authors in 16 Different Locations…)

Energize Your Leadership w author photos

Written for real people that work, that have loved ones, that want to make a difference and have meaningful lives…

  • People that sometimes struggle with the pressure to lead, perform and inspire.

We’ve chosen to honor your humanity instead of ignoring it or treating it as something seperate from your professional life. 

  • Our stories aren’t written from the clouds, they are written with our feet firmly planted on a very messy and unpredictable earth.

As you read them it will become clear very quickly that we’re not perfect and we don’t have it ALL figured out.

  • We are real people who want to do the best we can in our personal and professional lives.
  • We believe that in order to function at the highest possible level we need to access the wisdom and energy found in embracing our whole selves rather than compartmentalizing our lives.

These stories and lessons are our gift to you. We invite you to walk into our energy- sapping challenges as if they were your own, and share our transformational moments.

  • As you read them, you may be surprised at how familiar they seem.
  • You’ll discover that you are not alone.
  • Your vision and passion will be reignited.
  • And you will be equipped with the tools to energize yourself, others, your workplace and your future.

The power of storytelling comes alive in this collaborative book, Energize Your Leadership. These diverse leadership pros wisely decided to write a book that reached instead of preached. They dug deep into years of personal experiences to offer every leader and future leader the ONE thing they each need: A reflective way to stay energized. Without lecturing or proclaiming there is one best practice, they break through the apathy, that all leaders can intermittently feel, with stories that inspire. ~Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach

Save the date!  And prepare to be ENERGIZED!Energize Your Leadership Book Save the DateAuthors:  Susan Mazza, Terri Klass, Barry Smith, Tony Venegrove, Karin Hurt, Alli Polin, Carol Dougherty, Daniel Buhr, Lalita Raman, Dr. Hoda Maalouf, Scott Mabry, LaRae Quy, Jon Mertz, John Thurlbeck, Cynthia Bazin and Chery Gegelman

Leading Up: When to accept, speak for change or move on…

Sooner or later we will all find ourselves in a situation where we could be leading up…

Leading Up
  • And will will need to choose to either accept what is happening, speak for change, or move on.

Each time I find myself in that situation the words below grow more powerful…

Got grant me…

 The serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

The courage to change those I can.

And the wisdom to know the difference..

 Last week I read a very powerful article by Alli Polin that emphasized how leadership thrives when two people work closely together and titles don’t matter.

Pop, Soda, Coke… Right Word = Getting Heard

When my husband and I were first married we moved three states away from where we had grown up.

Pop, Soda, Coke, Tonic

And quickly learned that the carbonated beverages we had been consuming for our entire lives were not called POP.

  • In this place they were called SODA!
  • A few years later we moved south and learned that no matter what flavor of carbonated beverage we wanted to consume we needed to order a COKE – and then name our flavor of choice.

As we’ve continued to move I’ve kept a mental list of others…

  • When you throw something away do you CHUCK it or CHUNK it?
  • When you hold onto something have you KEPT it or KEP it?
  • Do you have a kitchen COUNTER or a kitchen BENCH?
  • Does your car have a HOOD or a BONNET? A TRUNK or a BOOT?
  • Do you cook with CORIANDER or with CILANTRO?
  • When you are talking about a friend that is not your spouse… Are they your FRIEND or your MATE?
  • When you go to the store… Do you use a shopping CART or a shopping BUGGY or a TROLLEY?

As fun as the game is – does it really matter what you call it?