Learning to Leverage Your Strengths

...That often show up as a weakness

Have you ever struggled to figure out how to leverage a strength that is coming across as a weakness?

Popcorn Brain - ADD

If you’ve ever watched popcorn pop, you’ll understand one of mine.

One little kernel heats up, flies into the air and explodes into light fluffy happiness. POP!

Then a couple more kernels join the fun! POP! POP!

Then a few more! POP! POP! POP! POP! POP!

Soon the party is in full swing, as the noise, chaos, and joy increase rapidly! POP! Pop! POP! Pop! POP! POP!!! POP!!!!

That’s me and…My popcorn brain


For many years I sat in meetings:

  • Excited by the challenge of problem solving.
  • Fueled by the opportunity to be creative and to collaborate.

And frustrated because I could not clearly articulate what was happening inside my brain.

What are you speaking, hearing and believing?

What your mouth speaks, your ears hear and your brain believes!

I was recently helping my 9-year-old neighbor with her homework. She’d had a long day at school, and we’d been studying for an hour and her brain was tired!  As I pulled out the last book we needed to study she said, “I can’t do this!

Immediately I interrupted, “Oh honey, don’t say that! Because…

"I can't do this!"She immediately plugged both of her ears and said, “I can’t do this!”

The Impact of Vision without Ownership

Two real cities. One has it and one... Not so much!

A little over a week ago my husband and I rode motorcycle to a city that is about an hour away from where we are living.

The Impact of Vision Without Ownership

It’s a city we visited for the first time nearly one year ago.  A city that provided such a powerful visual of how leadership or the lack of it, impacts our world that I wrote about it right after our first visit, and have continued to talk about it throughout the year…

  • A lack of a vision compared to a shared vision.
  • Chaos compared to order.
  • Anxiety compared to peace.
  • Darkness compared to light.
Read More About That Visit Here

This time we were in awe again:

Are You a Rule Maker, Rule Breaker or a Rule Faker?

Who are the rules for? Why were they created? Are they working?

A series of events has me thinking about rules.

You must follow the rules!

First I thought about the Rule MAKERS I know.

We’ll make this rule because it will make MY job easier!

Then I thought about the Rule BREAKERS I know.

I follow ALL the rules… EXCEPT

Then I thought about the Rule FAKERS I know.  

This rule is here just for our protection – I don’t care if it is followed or not, but if the authorities ever come, I can show them our rules.

And then I started to wonder if the makers, breakers and fakers ever considered these questions before they made a rule, broke a rule or pretended to have a rule. 

Who are the rules for?

You’re Invited: To Celebrate Our Book Launch & Beyond!

377028_10151043037557083_218040194_nIn September of 2012 I launched a book with 20 other co-authors that are deeply passionate about the overwhelming need for Character-Based Leaders to Instigate A Leadership Revolution in our world.

  • The need is still there.
  • Our passion was spot on.
  • And the book received great reviews.

However, it was a first book for most of us and there was so much we didn’t know.

One of the biggest learning’s was that after more than a year of collaborating, writing, and editing our book…   Getting it published and celebrating wasn’t the end of the story – it was only the beginning.