1 Way to Break the Cycle of The Flip-Flopping “Leader”

Stop the flip-flopping "leader"

Have you ever worked with someone that has a title but:

  • Struggles to take a clear stand on heated issues, causing them to flip-flop so often – that no one knows where they really stand?
  • Manipulates the truth to control the outcome?

Where there is smoke there is usually fire.

  • And yet, far too often people stumble over the truth, and then hurry off as if nothing happened.

As I’ve been pondering a specific situation that involves this type of behavior, the election process in the U.S. has provided endless fuel for those thoughts and caused me to seriously question why and how we choose our leaders.

If they look promising but cheat to achieve their results – do we recognize that smoke as a fire signal?

If they say they agree with us on the issues that matter to us but have a pattern of lying – do we listen to their words or base our decisions on their actions?

Is it unrealistic to expect employees, titled leaders and politicians to tell the truth?

Or have we unconsciously decided that it is too hard and too time consuming to invest our time and energy in our search for truth?

I am convinced that once organizational health is properly understood and placed into the right context it will surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage. Really.

~ Patrick Lencioni

Flip Flopping, Half-Truths and Lies may please in the moment…

  • But they can’t be maintained.
  • “It’s all about me” and “I’m looking out for number one” thinking moves in.
  • Silos, politics and turf wars reign.
  • Obstacles can’t be identified and eliminated.
  • Problems aren’t solved.
  • Unresolved issues grow – and will be even harder to repair and heal. 

We will always be impacted by what we create and allow.

Want real healing, real solutions and real results in your home, your workplaces and our world?

Mine for truth and shine a light on it!

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4 Tips for Building Confidence in a Transition

Between The Top of Your Game and Reinvention


Have you ever been at the top of your game and:

  • Graduated into adulthood to start your career?
  • Transitioned from the military to the civilian world?
  • Experienced a life-altering event that forced you to start over?
  • Decided to leave what you’ve always done to pursue an uncommon path?

In the space between what you left and what you were pursuing… Did you struggle?

Did you feel your confidence tanking as you: Worked to learn and define your new role and become successful at it, while navigating a culture and politics that were foreign to you?

Learning to Leverage the Gift of Your Change Agents

Without going crazy!

Learning to Empower Your Change Agents

Not long ago I met with someone that was struggling because new team members were speaking up and contributing at a higher level than he was comfortable with. He had a bigger title, more experience, and a deeper understanding of the organization’s history. He trusts the detailed work that the founders of that organization did to set it up and feels like is his it responsibility to ensure that their guidelines are followed. The new team members either don’t know or don’t fully understand that history, but they have strong skills, great experience, a huge desire to serve and are unafraid to challenge the status quo.

It was good for me to hear this man’s perspective, as I am usually on the other side of that experience –Deeply believing that:

Leading in the Midst of Downsizing

Taking Care of People, Performance and You!

Pressure Makes Diamonds

A little over a month ago I spoke to a group of senior level business leaders. Toward the end of our time together, one man said his wife was working for an organization that has downsized several times in the past 12 months, the workload is increasing and morale is tanking. He wanted to know how to support her at a higher level.

Two weeks ago I watched another leader navigate the 4th layoff this year.

  • He shared how one man cried, how some sat in surprised silence and how others expressed anger.
  • He shared how the rest of team that loves and trusts him – couldn’t look him in the eye.
  • And then shared how decisions have been based almost entirely on cost savings – not about who is needed to cover all of the job functions, who is the most dedicated or the best team player or who they will need to reinvent the future.

Are you ready to pack dreams and reinvent?

A new year! A new you!

Ready to pack your dreams and reinvent?

Earlier this week movers came to the home of our dear friends and packed everything they had to prepare for a move to another country.

  • It’s a great career opportunity for him.
  • It means more daily freedom for her.

But it’s still stressful.

  • Anticipation, doubt and fear swirl together about the unknowns.
  • And at the same time they process the emotions of an ending before the new beginning…

As 2015 comes to an end, you may be considering a new beginning, a fresh start, a change or a reinvention…