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For Organizations & Communities

On Vision, Unity & Uncommon Results

  1. Connecting-The-Dots: TRUTH Matters
  2. Together You Stand, Divided You Fall
  3. We Are Stronger Wiser & More Beautiful Together
  4. Organizational Wholeness…Putting the Pieces Together
  5. Partnerships Create Community Impact
  6. STONE SOUP:  Answers For our World Today From A Children’s Fable.
  7. What if…  The solutions your organization is seeking, begins by taking the air out of your tires?  


Pain, Vision, Courage, and Joy.

  1. Accepting the Tension Between Vision and Reality
  2. The Heart of a Leader
  3. Are You Making Choices That Matter?
  4. A Time to Tear Down & A TIme To Build Up
  5. A Leadership Revolution, And Why It Matters To You


On Character & Communication.

  1. Diamonds In The Rough:  Recognizing Star Employees
  2. Compassionate ~ Accountability
  3. Becoming a Character Based Leader
  4. Defining Moments In Leadership
  5. Protect Your Leadership from 5 Temptations with a Sandwich! 

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