About Giana Consulting

Closing the Gap between "Your Reality" and "Your Vision"


Giana Consulting was founded by Chery Gegelman.

 Why we do what we do:

After years of developing people and leading change from the middle and the edge of organizations, Chery is convinced that:

  1. Organizations, Communities and Nations are healthier and make a greater impact when a balance of TRUTH and GRACE drive their thinking and behavior. 
  2. People matter.
  3. Poor leadership and conflict destroy.  (Everything!)
  4. Many of the answers organizations are seeking, are lying dormant inside of their employees, their customers and their suppliers just waiting to be discovered and unleashed.
  5. Each of us is capable of making an extraordinary difference regardless of what our title is.
  6. Anyone with a leadership or management title has a great responsibility to listen, to model the behavior they would like to see, and to serve those they employ.

Giana Consulting helps people and organizations close the gap between “what is” and “what could be” by facilitating listening, dialogue, truth-seeking, understanding, collaboration, change and growth.

Instead of  treating symptoms and wasting your time and resources:

Through Keynotes, Workshops, Coaching and Consulting we help you:

  1. Address root causes.
  2. Build bridges of communication and understanding across silos and division.
  3.  Lead positive change.
  4. Unleash your employees energy, knowledge and collaboration.

PEOPLE learn to:

  • Listen and think at a higher level
  • Lead themselves first
  • Lead others with vision; compassion & accountability; consistency & fairness
  • Speak truth to power and lead change
  • Transform divisive environments into energizing cultures
  • Unleash the knowledge and skills of their people
  • Become healthier and more effective
  • Serve their customers, employees and communities at a higher level
  • Grow
  • Accomplish their mission
  • Build bridges with those that don’t look or think like them
  • Have energizing and productive conversations about divisive issues
  • Become more informed, compassionate and effective without enabling
  1. We’ve worked with:
  • People from more than 50 different nations, races, tribes, cultures and languages
  • Front line employees, mid-level leaders, and executives
  • Community members, and special needs adults
  • Automotive Groups, Business Associations, Community Colleges, Career Schools, Large Non- Profit Organizations, Government Agencies, Staffing Services, Insurance Companies, International Residential Compounds, Faith-Based Organizations, and other Consulting Companies both nationally and internationally.
  1. View Testimonials Here

  1. Your growth begins with the courage to dig into and examine uncomfortable TRUTHS.  
  2.  SOLUTIONS are more than pixie dust, and include the development of individuals, leaders & processes.
  3. Resulting in your ability to be highly effective and to achieve unprecedented RESULTS.

Call to learn how you can close the gap between your reality and your vision!  832-557-5327

Our Core Values:


I am convinced that once organizational health is properly understood and placed into the right contextit will surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.  Really.  ~Patrick Lencioni

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