Conversation Safari Workshops

Our Signature Workshop

Our shaking world desperately needs us to learn how to dialogue, research, think critically, collaborate and problem solve WITH those that think differently than we do.

A CONVERSATION SAFARI  provides that uncommon opportunity by merging the adventure of a real Safari with a Conversation.

Conversation Safari


  • A group of participants from opposing viewpoints attend a workshop together.
  • Each one chooses to bring a spirit of curiosity instead of judgment.
  • In small groups, each one takes turns listening to others and then sharing their stories and convictions unapologetically and with great passion.
  • Participants leave those conversations and examine their own hearts and motives, and dive into history to learn from the past.
  • And then come back to share what they’ve learned and seek to better understand.

Transforming judgment and division into an adventure that fuels problem solving.

I confess that I’m the sort of person that gravitates towards my own tribe.  I consciously seek out interactions with people that I perceive to be like me and I imagine that most people are like this.  Going where they fit in.

The safari’s have broken down those barriers.  They have allowed me to rub my mind with the minds of women from very diverse backgrounds.  I’ve come away knowing that I can have a deep sisterly bond with a lady from a completely different cultural, religious or racial makeup.

Please see Mark 12:30 – 31.  Conversation Safaris have helped me to actually SEE my neighbor as myself, thereby making it much easier to love my neighbor as myself.  Thereby helping me to fulfill one of the greater commandments.

Thank you for creating this amazing platform. It gives us an opportunity to share in a way that we would not ordinarily be able to.CH
A Frequent Conversation Safari Participant from Zimbabwe


Conversation Safari’s give participants the opportunity to:

  • Listen
  • Ask Why
  • Share Their Knowledge
  • Increase Understanding
  • Develop People Skills
  • Sharpen Truth Seeking and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Improve Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Enlarge Their Worldview
  • Build Relationships

Attendees often comment about how much exercise their brain gets during these workshops, and about the energy and hope they leave with.  (New perspectives,  laughter, tears, personal change, teamwork and greater understanding are all part of the experience.)

…All of which make it possible to resolve the issues that are shaking workplaces, communities, nations and our world.

I have been fortunate to attend Conversation Safari’s, where Chery has unreservedly welcomed all forms of opinions. She has brought people of different mindsets and encouraged them to admit their deepest fears and apprehensions.

At the end, they have all left feeling inspired, energized and loved. Her patience, her empathy, her desire for truth and her noble intention to help people become compassionate human beings, are important elements which are direly needed in today’s world that portrays the darkness of fear and intolerance. With her comes the sunshine of peace and tolerance in much abundance. TB
A Frequent Participant from Pakistan/Australia

This is exercise for my brain. DK
A frequent participant from Tunisia
I no longer feel alone. GN
Conversation Safari Participant from Egypt


I’m a recovering opinionista that used to really struggle with those that didn’t share my values.

As a child, I would passionately argue my convictions and not listen to those that did not share my opinions.  (Because they were simply wrong!)

As a young professional, I thought it was horribly rude for people to roll their eyes in disagreement – but the shaking of my head as others spoke – screamed how wrong they were. (And how unwilling I was to listen.)

Somewhere along the way, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and I didn’t like what I saw. So I began to listen more and talk less.

Along the way I heard personal stories from people who had opposing views about some of the values that I hold most dear. Their stories caused me to deeply ponder what it was like to walk in their shoes.

And a dream began to form.

In 2012 I agreed to move to a part of the world that I had once feared.  A month later, I shared that dream with others for the first time.  A few years later that dream became a reality when women from around the world attended the first Conversation Safari Workshop.

I’ve had the privilege of participating in Chery’s programs. I am awestruck by the unique ability she possesses to successfully facilitate in-depth discussions within groups of strangers from culturally and historically opposing viewpoints. Chery is a great facilitator, communicator, listener, instructor, counselor and mentor with a passion for truth and real problem solving!JS
A Frequent Conversation Safari Participant from Jamaica


Conversation Safari’s are not liberal or conservative.  They are designed to help participants BALANCE the use of both their brain AND their heart.  Resulting a dialogue that is fueled by critical thinking AND compassion.

In every Safari:  

  • Some people start on an uninformed fence, and end up with an informed opinion.
  • Others start with one perspective and end with another.
  • And still others find that their hearts are greatly softened toward those that hold a different opinion, even though their minds still hold many of their original views.
  • Attendees leave with increased understanding, energy and hope.
I feel much lighter.MB
A frequent Conversation Safari Participant from Germany
Always so heartwarming….the way you speak and explain things, I always go away with a good,warm, fulfilling feeling.FB
A Frequent Conversation Safari Participant from South Africa

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