Breaking The Cycle of Organization Chaos & Decline

And Growing!!!

Creating and sustaining a healthy organization isn’t complicated, but it does require consistent focus and communication.

Below are:

  • 3 CONTROLLABLE reasons organizations spin in cycles of chaos and decline.
  • Tips for breaking those cycles of destruction.
  • And strategies for breathing health and wholeness back into your organization.

1.  No Clear and Motivating Vision Uniting Everyone in a Common Purpose:

This issue frequently allows and even encourages people and departments to think more about their own needs than they do about the mission and success of the organization as a whole.

If you’ve ever been caught in a tug of war between titled leaders or required do something that benefits one person or one team, even if it increases time, cost, confusion and customer aggravation… You know WHY a SHARED VISION Matters!

 2.  A Lack of Communication:

Even after spending millions of dollars to create new programs…  Many organizations lack strategy and fail to communicate what they are doing and why they are doing it both internally and externally.

Others communicate it, once or twice to a limited audience and expect the change to be understood, embraced, and supported.

Both failures limit the potential success of the program, waste energy and resources.

Often resulting in”the baby” being tossed out with the bathwater.

3.  A Mix of Ego and Historical Complacency:

 …Constructs internal barriers that prevent titled leaders from listening and responding to employees and problem solving with peers.

 These barriers silence truth about opportunities in the organization and limit the ability to overcome challenges and grow. Many times missed opportunities include reducing risk, increasing efficiency or maximizing results without added expense.

Titled leaders – people do what people see.  If your behavior emphasizes that:

  • You are the smartest person in the room.
  • Your ego is more important than the business.
  • The way you have “always done something” will work forever…

The people you lead will reflect your behavior and collectively you fuel dysfunction and decline.

Even if all three issues are impacting your organization…

YOU can be a part of the solution! 

Purposely park your ego.

Let go of historical turf-wars for the good of your team, the organization and the customer.

Strategically engage and empower EVERYONE  to make suggestions and take ownership of the vision.

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I M A G I N E…

  • Knocking down walls that are limiting your success.
  • Accessing more funding because of strong partnerships.
  • Having more knowledge and support for your programs because of relationships.
  • Increasing education, quality of life, economic development and workforce development in your community…

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