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Giana Consulting Core ValuesInc Top 100 Leadership-Speakers-badgeOur Mission is to help you accomplish YOUR Mission.  Don’t just take our word for it.  Check out what others are saying in their testimonials below:

Speaking & Facilitating

Chery, Today was a hit! You were a delight and commanded the attention of all. We’ll be a better company. The feedback has been fantastic! Thank you for sharing your time with us. Teresa Knox
CEO – Community Care College, Clary Sage College, OK Technical College
Chery, God has blessed you with some crazy skills. You got it going on. You are poised, you think on your feet, you instantly connect, and you add loads of value. It was a pure pleasure to work with you! Dr. Bob Schooley
Director of Leadership Development - Cherokee Nation Business
I’ve had the privilege of participating in one of Chery’s programs recently. I was awestruck by the unique ability she possesses to successfully facilitate in-depth discussions within groups of strangers from culturally and historically opposing viewpoints. Chery is a great facilitator, communicator, listener, instructor, counselor and mentor with a passion for truth and real problem solving!Jaynia Samaroo
Chery Gegelman is someone whose very fiber exists to exceed the expectations of every stakeholder and always deliver a quality experience. She has made an immense difference, always giving more than she takes. L.S. and R.W.
I had the pleasure of observing Chery facilitate a planning session for a local government entity in the fall of 2012. I was immediately impressed by the combination of clear direction and explanation, confidence and gentle humor with which she guided a room of power players. Her questions were insightful and enabled this group of diverse individuals to bring their best thinking and dialogue to bear on the issues before them.

Following this event, we contracted Chery to facilitate a discussion on the topic of innovation with one of our key clients. Again, she was spot on, giving life to an agenda that could have, in less skilled hands, fallen flat. Rob Benson
Lead Consultant, Learning Unlimited Corporation

I have been fortunate to attend Chery’s events, where she has unreservedly welcomed all forms of opinions. She has brought people of different mindsets and encouraged them to admit their deepest fears and apprehensions.  At the end, they have all left feeling inspired, energized and loved. Her patience, her empathy, her desire for truth and her noble intention to help people become compassionate human beings, are important elements which are direly needed in today’s world that portrays the darkness of fear and intolerance. With her comes the sunshine of peace and tolerance in much abundance.Tanya Badami
I have had the privilege of witnessing Chery Gegelman’s work a number of times involving community mediation, personal development workshops and building community spirit amongst a large group of multinational expats. Chery’s respect for the individual, her calm approach, wisdom, ability to provide solutions and passion for continuous improvement is inspiring. Chery has a remarkable ability to connect with people, motivate and inspire them. My daughter attended one of Chery’s workshops for teenagers which was very beneficial in helping her set goals and work toward achieving them. Thanks Chery for offering your encouragement and inspiration wherever it is needed.Susan Turner
Gifted speaker and communicator only partially describe Chery’s skills and abilities. As Chery addresses her audience, one gets the distinct impression that she makes listening and speaking one fluid process. This style of engagement has a way of putting her audience at ease,which allows them to actively engage. Additional words I would use to describe Chery are: bridge-builder, truth bearer, confidence holder, active listener and trustworthy. Chery has a heart for helping and reaching out to others in a way to makes them feel valued and significant. Time spent with Chery will challenge you to acknowledge and expand your worldview.Sonia McFarlane
Chery has great leadership and problem solving skills, very fair and honest, in many situations I saw how she was capable of bringing different people together. I love the positive atmosphere she creates and it’s really contagious to each and everyone around.Reham Fouad
Chery is a fantastic presenter, motivator and all around wonderful person… I have had the opportunity to witness her skills and I was very impressed by her ability to capture the attention of a large diverse audience. Not only was she able to keep their focus but she was able to convince them of the vision she was talking about. Chery, would be a fantastic asset to any organization seeking someone of her caliber.Richard Bergner
General Manager at Richardson Brothers Chevrolet & Polaris
Ms. Gegelman gave an excellent presentation and has impacted my life in a very powerful and positive way. Juanita Muiga
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
I met you several years ago when I was teaching at _____. We heard several speakers in the 11-1/2 years before my retirement last year. Almost all of them felt contrived and a waste of time.

Not yours. Your talks and encouragement left a lasting impact on me. I always felt your sincere, honest and heartfelt desire to help us work as a team and strive to do our best in that fractured environment. C.C.

Reaffirmed that there is a need for change, no matter the current culture in your workplace and that change can evolve given the right tools. Tony Rivera
Renaissance Tulsa Hotel
My class found your information insightful and especially helpful in processing their experience. They all mentioned that their future planning will include your wisdom and they stated that their newfound awareness of the natural processes you outlined will help them retain their positions, maximize their outcomes, and offer support to those in their circle of care. Parish McDaris
Employment, Essentials Training Instructor - Goodwill Industries
If there is one person who knows how to work a crowd, it’s Chery! I have had the honor of working with Chery on two leadership events that consisted of panel discussions and Chery served as the wonderful facilitator. Not only was she professional, well-spoken and poised, but her connection with the audience members was outstanding! I received many compliments from guests after the event about how much they enjoyed her! Ashley Farthing
Owner, Farthing Events
Conference question and answer sessions thrive or die based on the facilitator’s ability to be professional, prepared and perky! Chery Gegelman does an excellent job of using all three qualities to put the audience at ease, engage them in meaningful dialogue while keeping the conversation on topic! Barbara Slagle
Tulsa Community College
Chery Gegelman Keynotes and Workshops


In the past 2 years I have witnessed and experienced Chery’s phenomenal skills in problem solving, helping others with personal growth and conflict resolution. Chery possesses a rare talent that helps empower people professionally and personally. Showing second to none skills in the art of conflict resolution including bridging cultural, religious and personal differences to come to an effective outcome for all involved. Chery’s talents would be of benefit to any organisation or persons wishing to find tools to promote themselves and tap their full potential. Can not recommend this lady highly enough.Nicky Sporer
International Housing Compound Resident
Giana Consulting successfully completed a complex study on the establishment of a new training facility for the community college system in our state. It was done on time and on budget and exceeded our expectations. She is a true professional and was a pleasure to work with. John Spain
Executive Vice President, Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Chery can see maximum potential in a project when very few others can. She is responsible for the origination and development of some of our most successful initiatives, many of which have become an important part of our daily operation.D.K.
Chery is a big picture, strategic thinker who understands the importance of relationships in making things happen. Her work with our Workforce Investment Board has demonstrated that once she has a vision, she can identify what needs to be done and motivate others to work as a team. Chery is a natural and skilled leader whom others are happy to follow.Debbie O'Connor
Executive Director at Up Alliance (formerly Greater Baton Rouge Literacy Coalition)
It was a pleasure working with Chery to provide organization wide training for Goodwill Industries of Tulsa. Her command of the subject matter in combination with her enthusiasm and communication style engaged the audience and provided for a very effective training session despite the diverse nature of the attendees. Just as importantly, Chery has regularly stayed in touch with Goodwill Industries of Tulsa since the training to monitor progress and provide additional insights. She truly cares and is committed to improving the organization. David E. Oliver
President - Goodwill Industries of Greater Tulsa
Many of the projects Chery has been involved in required multiple departments with agendas that were not always aligned to work together. In those situations I always saw Chery work diligently to bring the different members of the team together. Making sure to include everyone’s point of view to ensure a collaborative outcome, and speaking up for the soft-spoken if need be to make sure that everyone’s viewpoint is expressed. R.M.
Delivers truth and insight into many issues, not only in a business context but also on a personal level. Makes you reflect and think on your own approach to issues and assists with developing strategies and finding ways to implement these in many modalities of day to day life. Considers things holistically to ensure all information is gathered, from every level, individual and thoroughly disseminated to reach a positive outcome.Trish Sinclair
International Housing Compound Resident
Chery is an inspiration to those that work with her.  She gives her all to ensure that organizations and their people learn to work together to achieve amazing results.  Working with her is a life-changing experience. Rachel D. Hutchings
Tulsa Area Workforce Investment Board


Chery  brings energy and excitement to every opportunity.  She is strategic in her ability to see the big picture and also humble enough to jump in wherever needed and make things happen. She does everything with excellence, focusing on her client’s best interests, cheerfully but also truthfully without compromise. Mike Henry
VP Operations - SageNet LLC

Chery inspired and motivated us to: listen intently, think broader, laugh louder, care deeply, expect excellence, celebrate success, learn from mistakes, accept challenges, embrace changes, cherish friendships, value values, speak with conviction, believe in others, believe in ourselves, seek knowledge, be enthusiastic, challenge inequity, persevere, problem-solve, spread joy, be playful, cry openly, and accept differences.K.A.

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Chery Gegelman

What’s your litmus test for people: Honesty or skill?

When do you fold ‘em, walk away or run?

Once upon a time I worked for a charismatic leader with a serious set of skills. Someone I learned from constantly and deeply admired …

  • Until I caught him in a lie.
  • And then a second one.
  • A third one.
  • A fourth one.
  • And finally a fifth one.

The crazy part was – I wasn’t hunting for lies. I literally kept tripping into them – all five in a very short amount of time after years of working together.

When I confronted for the last time. He said, “I don’t know how you keep finding these things out.” No denial. No excuses. No apology.

A short time later – I “fired him” by turning in my notice.

Titled leaders and employees can all be tempted to overlook honesty because of skill.

4 Years in Saudi Arabia: Living, Learning and Growing

Life begins at the end of YOUR comfort zone. YOU decide. Are YOU living or dying-Since our return home from Saudi Arabia, (A place I once feared and had zero desire to move to.)  I have been facilitating a series of workshops for students – sharing what day-to-day life was like while emphasizing critical life, leadership and people skills that they will need throughout their lives.

In each workshop students are given a visual of a natural process that will happen the rest of their lives – as they decide if they have the courage to leave their comfort zones or the grit to survive when life hands them circumstances they can’t control.

Some of the questions I’ve been asked about Saudi are worth sharing:

What was the best part?

  • Living in an International Compound: Sharing life, friendship, and food with people from more than 50 nations and learning from them.
  • Riding motorcycle with men and women from all over the world and getting to experience parts of Saudi that many expats don’t get to enjoy. (Yes – My motorcycle jacket had ½ of an abaya attached to it and could be rolled up when I was on the bike and rolled down when I was off the bike. Allowing me to be respectful and safe while enjoying time on the bike with my husband.)
  • Vacationing in 11 countries besides Saudi and Bahrain in the 4 years we were there.

What was the hardest thing for you?

In a divided world: We have more than two choices

The third option requires our brains AND our hearts

Have you ever had a small child run to you in fear?  (Of the boogeyman under the bed, the barking dog, or the crack of thunder?)

How do you respond?

Do you ignore them?  Do you dismiss them?  Do you call them boogey-phobic, dog-phobic, or noise-phobic?  Do you make fun of them?  Or do you shine a light under the bed and explain why they are safe?  Take them to meet the neighbor’s dog and see that he is friendly?  Or explain how thunder works?

Have you been a titled leader in a business and heard employees expressing concerns about fairness or potential layoffs?

How have you responded?

Do you get defensive and angry that they dare to question you?  Do you blow off their concerns?  Do you talk down to them?  Or do you hear them and respond with understanding, compassion and honesty?

communication, discussion, dialogueHave you watched divisive current events and taken a side?  And then heard from a family member, friend, coworker or neighbor that has taken the other side?

How have you been responding?

Are you ignoring them?  Unfriending them?  Labeling them?  Shouting at them?  Making fun of them?  Or are you seeking first to understand what is driving them?

Great parents, leaders and friends – listen to questions and fears without anger or labels, or a dismissive attitude.  They seek to understand, and then shine a light under the bed and address real and imagined concerns.  They are honest about real challenges and about their commitment to their people.  

The Great Divide and How You Can Build a Bridge To Cross It

We’ve been back in the U.S. for nearly 6 weeks. Watching the divide we witnessed across the ocean.  Aching as it appears to be growing deeper and wider.

I know I’m not alone in my concern for our country or in my desire to be a part of the solution. Several of my leadership connections have been sharing both struggles and wisdom in their blogs.

Alli Polin, Erin Schreyer, Steve Keating and Jesse Lyn Stoner have each written important articles to help us build bridges across that divide.

  • Each of the image quotes below highlight something from their articles that I found especially powerful.
  • Each of their original articles are linked after each image through their name.

If you are struggling with the current state of our union – I encourage you to:

  • Read each one
  • Watch the Conversation Safari video at the end of this post

And then make strategic choices to be the change you want to see