12 Experiences from a Week of Listening

Last week I read a blog post from Gary Vaynerchuk that included this quote,

Social media is the first true listening platform, not speaking platform.

This week I applied that reminder to all of my life – This is what I experienced:

  1. Joy!  ~ Listening to my husband as he celebrated making progress at work and with our moving company! 
  2. Their Fear!  ~ Listening to clients that are in the midst of change. 
  3. Enthusiasm!  ~ Listening to my niece as she shared her excitement about a very special trip.
  4. Deep Admiration!  ~ Listening to my sister as she shared an update on a huge estate auction that my parents coordinated for a friend, emphasizing what a great team my parents make.    
  5. Cells Dancing!  ~ Listening to a good friend as she described an especially rewarding week after choosing to face years of her own historical pain, and months of courageously stepping outside of her comfort zone.
  6. Thankfulness!  ~ Listening to experienced expats as they offered more information and cultural lessons about this new land that I’m in.
  7. Struggle!  ~ As I learned that some of my friends are being forced to take one-day each week as unpaid furlough from their jobs.
  8. Sadness ~ As I listened to a friend that just lost a loved one on the heels of losing two others.
  9. Introspection ~ As I listened to:  A virtual debate about how to listen more on Social Media and still promote effectively.  A book club discussion about the story of success.  And two thought provoking Tweet Chats about good and bad leaders and sincere and insincere leaders. 
  10. Refreshing water, vitamin D, and some cardio ~ As I listened to my body as it screamed for sunshine and exercise.
  11. An attitude adjustment ~ As I listened to my favorite music and read words of truth. 
  12. Vision, purpose, hope and legacy ~ As I read an incredible blog series by Barry Smith about his recent trip to Guatemala with John Maxwell.  This link will take you to a video to help you understand what they were doing there.  (It is very inspiring!)  This link will take you to Barry’s final article in the series, the bottom of the post includes links to articles about his experience each day they were there.  

Please share:  Who did you listen to this week?  What did you experience? 

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5 thoughts on “12 Experiences from a Week of Listening

    • Pam,

      Thank you for sharing this story! It was a PERFECT reminder of what listening looks like! (I’m sharing it on social media today!)