3 Things to Remember When Pride Calls Your Name

3 things to remember when pride woos you

Every human on the planet will be tempted by pride.

Behind that little word is a fire that has the power to destroy potential, character, callings, and lives.

Below are three critical things to remember, when pride woos you:

  1. Your calling can become your idol if you let it

You were born with unique gifts and a big dream to serve others.

On your way to your big dream you may receive lots of positive feedback about what you are capable of, and your passion for your cause.

There is both sweetness and a danger in that praise:

  • The sweetness comes with the affirmation that you were born for this.
  • The danger comes when the positive press distracts you.

Distraction comes like a sudden craving. It is swift and subtle– and has the power to shift the focus of even the most humble and sincere.

In a flash, the hunger for more praise can become the driving reason you act. And as you feed that craving it consumes you. Making you less and less qualified and able to serve.

Ultimately replacing the people and the cause you care about with yourself.

  1. Heed the wisdom of truth speakers

As you work to make your dream a reality you will meet people who believe in you, your potential and your vision.

Some of those people will also be able to see gaps in your skills, your choices or your character. (I know that’s uncomfortable. But you’re human and gaps are a part of the gig, so grit up and keep reading.)

If someone has the courage to speak to you about those gaps – consider:

  • Have they taken the time to share this with you, because they believe you are worth investing in?
  • What are you risking if you don’t carefully consider what they are sharing?
  • What will you gain if you accept their coaching?
  1. Protect yourself with a “strategic sandwich”

Imagine that you play professional football for a living.

  • If you won game, after game, after game and everyone was praising your uncommon ability.  Would you be tempted, even a little bit, to believe the press you are getting?
  • If you played a critical game terribly and received tons of negative press   Would you struggle, to recover?

When Tim Tebow was playing for the NFL, he protected his character from the dangers of pride with a “strategic sandwich” that would help him stay focused on the mission and on others when he was most vulnerable to the temptation of pride.

Tim started a foundation for critically ill children and would spend time before and after each game with children that had life threatening illnesses and their families.    

  • Before he walked on the field to play a game he was reminded how precious life was, what a blessing it is to have the love and support of a family, and how much he had to be thankful for.
  • When each game ended, no matter how he played, no matter how the team played, he was reminded again of all that he had been given.
  • His time with those children and their families, helped him stay humble by keeping his focus on others instead of on himself.
  • And each time he stepped onto the field, he would kneel to give thanks to the one that gave it all to him.

If you live your life as if everything is about you… You will be left with just that.  Just you.  -Toby Mac

How do you protect yourself from the woo of pride?




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2 thoughts on “3 Things to Remember When Pride Calls Your Name

  1. Great observation: “the hunger for more praise can become the driving reason you act. And as you feed that craving it consumes you.” That is the power behind ego and why it is such a monster. Your article is an effective reminder….