The greatest opportunity for improvement & growth: Culture

Every time I read this quote from Patrick Lencioni every cell in my body wants to stand up and cheer!

“I am convinced that once organizational health is properly understood and placed into the right context it will surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.  Really.”  

I can tell you true stories for hours that emphasize why the truth in that quote sparks such passion!  Here’s one of them…

John was offered a position with another company.  He accepted the position, signed a new lease and relocated to take the job. 

In his first week, some of his new co-workers take him out to eat.  Before the meal ends they tell him that they need to warn him about one particular person that he will work closely with.  They go on to share that anyone who has ever been hired in a position similar to his, has consistently been bullied out of the organization by this person.

A few days later John has lunch with someone in the community that he has known for a few years, but does not know well.  This man advises John that he should not trust ANYONE in the organization that he is now employed with.

Before the end of John’s second week on the job he takes a road trip with the person he was originally warned about.  During the drive that person opens a conversation with these words, “Just between you and me, what do you think of ________?

And in spite of his short tenure, John has become aware that staff at all levels of this organization believe that the executives in the company have a history of “shooting the messenger” instead of investigating opportunities to improve.

So tell me:  

  • If you were John what would you do? 
  • If you were a titled leader in this organization, how would you identify the problem?  And how would you address the situation?

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