Organizational Growth: From The Inside Out

There are two ingredients in successful organizations: Smart & Healthy.

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It is almost impossible to build a competitive advantage

based on knowledge because it is too easy to copy. 

Very few organizations are healthy enough to tap into the knowledge that is there.

~ Patrick Lencioni

The truth in this quote is so powerful that I can’t stop thinking about it.

How many organizations do you know that are desperately seeking solutions and yet continually ignore the wisdom of their customers, their employees and the opportunities within their own culture?

As a part of a recent organizational development project, I met individually with everyone involved, and was not surprised to find that each person was very intelligent and capable of making a significant difference.

The day we met for the first time as a group we talked about the enormous challenge facing the group: 

  • Getting people from FIVE DIFFERENT ORGANIZATIONS to function as one.

As the day progressed and we began to analyze the dynamics of an extraordinary team, the truth in the quote above became even more powerful:

  • Individually the people in the room brought their wisdom and their talents.
  • Individually they had incredible insight from a variety of perspectives.

However, it was only when we connected ALL of their individual thoughts that the power of this quote jumped off the wall and paraded around in front of us!    

  • Collectively they have every answer they are seeking.
  • And collectively they could write a bestseller that would help others.
  • The secret is that they have to intentionally create something so healthy that they constantly tap into that collective knowledge by listening and responding to each other.

So how about your organization… 

  • Does it surprise you to think that the answers you seek may be within your reach?
  • How can you intentionally create such a healthy culture that you build a profound competitive advantage?
  • What will you do today, to make a difference?

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