2 Ways to Shine Your Leadership Light More Effectively

A few days ago my husband and I started a short vacation.  As we take some time together to play, to rest, to visit family and to have an adventure, I’m sharing posts that were originally published on other blog sites.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you are so close to it that you can’t understand what is happening?  And then as you step away, as time goes by, and one day when you are no longer pondering that situation you watch something happen in the lives of others that suddenly ignite your brain as if you’d been hit by a lightening bolt?

The short post below was originally posted on the Lead Change Group Blog and describes one of those unexpected and energy filled “Ahh Haa” moments..

I have always believed that the biggest reason leaders exist, is to be a source of light and help to their organizations and the people they serve.  

What if… There are two primary ways for leaders to share that light with others?

  1. As a candle – Softly and gently bringing understanding, help and hope to others. (Most people like the soft warmth and glow of a candle and will draw near.)

As a beacon – Boldly and courageously shining the light on danger and standing firm on truth.  (This light comes from a place of deep conviction, and frequently calls the leader to stand alone.  …This light is so bright and strong that some people cover their eyes and choose not to see the danger they are in.)

Clearly both types of light are needed!  However…

  • Choosing to be a candle in a situation that requires a beacon, can result in no behavior modification and cause something that is already a potentially dangerous situation to escalate.
  • Choosing to be a beacon when a situation that requires a candle can cause people to believe that their intentions and their results are being judged.  It can shut down their efforts and divide teams.

Holding these two options in your mind’s eye, is a powerful way to discern the type of light that is needed, ultimately creating a clear path to becoming a more effective leader.  

As you think through the meetings you have scheduled this week…  Do you need to be a candle or a beacon?

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