Band-Aids and EASY Buttons -Or- SOLUTIONS?

An owner of a couple of small businesses is frustrated with dwindling profits.

He blames his staff, treats them badly, moves them to different locations, stalls their vacations and refuses to listen to their feedback.

The truth is:

  • He has been an absentee owner that has happily collected profits from the businesses while choosing not to be involved in day-to-day operations.
  • He hasn’t trained his employees or empowered them to make decisions.
  • He has not been engaged with his customers and doesn’t know what they value.
  • He hasn’t been proactive about growing his businesses or even keeping up with his competitors.
  • His prices are higher than the competition and his facilities are cramped, cluttered, outdated, and equipped with poor quality equipment and tools.

He can’t see what is obvious to anyone that seeks the services of his company…

HIS behavior is the root cause of the decline in his business.

And as bad as he sounds… He is not alone in his denial.

When human beings in large corporations, communities, countries and families begin to see the impact that neglect has on their lives and work – We are all tempted to look for a quick fix:

  • How many times have you listened to a title leader blame others for what is not working?
  • How many times have you seen an organization get rid of long-term employees that care deeply about the success of the organization?
  • How many times have you seen someone trade in his or her family for a new one?
  • How many times have you wished that there really were an EASY button to press?

If you are dealing with a challenge and struggling to figure out what to do about it pause and remember:

Solutions aren’t found “out-there” ~ They are discovered after YOU take ownership of your behavior:  

  • How are you contributing to the problem that you are facing?
  • Are you investing time and energy taking care of what you have?
  • Have you changed your behavior, before asking others to change theirs?

President, Giana Consulting

Chery Gegelman is an adventurer that loves to learn. ...Deep conversations, books, travel, and daily living are all food for growth.

As a speaker, facilitator and workshop leader she creates energizing environments that reflect God's grace, tear down walls, help people to consider new perspectives, and inspire change.

Chery is the Founder of Giana Consulting and Conversation Safari's, listed as a Great Leadership Speaker by Inc., writes a recognized leadership blog and has co-authored two leadership books.

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One thought on “Band-Aids and EASY Buttons -Or- SOLUTIONS?

  1. I just love your post, Chery! I see this all the time where leaders blame others for a bad situation. A couple of weeks ago I worked with an organization going through a merger and the managers were complaining that they weren’t receiving enough information. They began to see how they were also contributing to the anxiety of their teams. Taking accountability and helping others through a change is what leaders do, rather than blame others for a situation that isn’t working.

    Thanks Chery for another excellent article!